Antique, vintage or retro?

What comes to mind when you hear the words “antique”, “vintage” and “retro”?  Often misused or inaccurate, definitive descriptions of these terms are regularly debated. 

“Antique” is the easiest to come to terms with, commonly accepted as being 100 years or older.

“Vintage” has several accepted meanings.  Some view “vintage” as applying to any object more than 50 years old, yet others accept that this could be applied to objects as young as 20 years or older.  The jury is still out.

The generally accepted interpretation of “retro” is any item that looks out of style for the current period.  In other words an item may not be old but references styles of the recent past.  However, the 1970s is often considered “retro”, but this was over 40 years ago so technically should be termed “vintage”.

Antique, vintage or retro – it is all a little confusing, so why limit yourself by these classifications.  Great design is timeless. Ultimately there is no need to get tied down by labels and definitions: fill you home with the things you love.