Carol Chamberlain

Homebody, animal-lover, recycler, creator, sole-proprietor, photographer, writer, researcher and only employee of Retro Lane.

Visi magazine is #goals

While we were languishing in the unpleasantness that was 2020, Retro Lane received an unexpected boost. 

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Antique, vintage or retro?

What comes to mind when you hear the words “antique”, “vintage” and “retro”?  Often misused or inaccurate, definitive descriptions of these terms are regularly debated. 

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learn more about the products featured in Retro Lane’s shop and go behind the scenes with me as I share my research, experiences, experiments and more. If you have made your way here, I am hoping that you would have already been introduced to Retro Lane.  It began as a hobby, drawn from a lifetime …

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