A striking, designer enamel chessboard with wooden pieces by German manufacturing company, Tecta, c1969.

Tecta was founded in 1956 by architect Hans Könnecke, situated in the central German town of Lauenförde.  The company focused primarily on producing licensed Bauhaus furniture, developing their own design concepts such as this chess set. The company is still in existence, specialising in the production of the Kragstühle – a special type of cantilever chair.

The chessboard is made out of heavy, enameled metal, with chess pieces made out of painted wood.  The chess pieces are presented in a compartmentalised hardboard box.

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Condition: Both the chess board and chess pieces are in fair condition.  The board’s enamel glazed finish is in general, good condition with signs of rust on the sides.  The paintwork on the chess pieces show various areas of wear and tear. The chess pieces have a layer of felt on the base to prevent scratches. Please see product photographs for more details.

Dimensions: Chess board – 49cm x 49cm; Chess pieces – various sizes, King & Queen (each) 9cm tall x 3.5cm diameter, Bishop & Knight (each) 7cm tall x 3.5cm diameter, Rook 6cm tall x 3.5cm diameter, Pawn 4cm tall x 3.5cm diameter