This superb, vintage piece of tableware is by the Corning Glass Works brand, Pyrex.  A lit tealight candle in the base of the presentation stand will keep your food warm while serving.  The lidded dish has the prettiest shade of salmon pink and displays the ‘Gooseberry’ pattern in white, indicating that it would have been manufactured between 1957 and 1966.

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Corning Glass Works was founded in America in 1851.  Their famous brand, Pyrex was inspired by Betty Littleton, wife of Corning engineer, Jessie Littleton.  By 1915, Bessy had tired of the dishes that were constantly being broken or damaged after only one use in her oven.  She began experimenting with baking in glass after asking her husband for samples from the Corning laboratory.  She was particularly interested in ensuring the success of a particular Savoy cake.  So successful were her baking experiments that it convinced Corning to launch their own range of bakeware.

At the time, Pyrex was made from clear, low-thermal-expansion borosilicate glass, typically used in the manufacture of laboratory glassware and kitchenware. It later expanded to include items made from soda-lime glass and other materials.

If you would like to know more about Pyrex and its history, have a browse at Pyrex Potluck by the Corning Museum of Glass.


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Markings: ‘Pyrex Tableware’

Condition: The dish with lid is in excellent condition. The stand is in good condition with minor age-related wear and fully functional.

Dimensions: 23cm tall x 31cm wide (including stand and lid); Pyrex bowl – 14cm tall (including lid) x 22cm diameter (27.5cm including handles)