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This antique soup tureen is stamped with the Kneeling Nude Potter mark.

This mark which was first introduced by Bates, Elliott & Co. (1870-75) and included the date 1790 underneath.   This date is not indicative of its age but refers to Dale Hall, the extensive pottery works where Bates, Elliott & Co. operated.  Dale Hall (or Dale Hole, as it used to be written), was founded in 1790 and originally belonged to Joseph Stubbs, a successful manufacturer of earthenware in the early 1800’s.

The earliest production of wares bearing the Kneeling Nude Potter mark started in 1870 and continued until 1936.  However, the wares were produced by a succession of companies operating at the Dale Hall pottery works.  The Mayer Bros. operated at Dale Hall between 1843 and 1855, but it was the the later company Bates, Walker & Co (1875-78) who added “Late Mayers” to the mark.

The soup tureen displayed here is from Keeling & Co (1887-1936), who continued to use the Kneeling Nude Potter mark and included the stamp K&Co.  They sometimes added the letter ‘B’  to signify the town of Burslem, where the works were located.

Markings: Lid is stamped “KTO” or “K10”.  Kneeling Nude Potter mark appears on the base with “K&CoB” and “Late Mayers” printed below.  Included is the pattern name, Tokio.

The tureen is in excellent condition.

Dimensions: 18cm tall x 37cm long x 21cm wide (including lid and handles); tureen inner measures 9cm deep x 28cm long x 20cm wide