“Trash to terracotta” upcycle project

Transforming a mundane, plastic pot into a perfectly aged, planter.

Everyone has a guilty pleasure and mine is watching upcycling and thrift flip videos.  Recently, one of the more popular upcycling trends has been “Trash to Terracotta,” which turns run-of-the-mill or outdated items such as vases and jugs into faux terracotta home décor envy.

The most common method to achieve this upcycled look is to mix baking soda into acrylic paint, to give your chosen vessel a chalk-like appearance.  This method, although effective, has a rather flat overall look to it.  Other DIY enthusiasts have experimented with techniques involving ordinary old dirt and even cinnamon.

Intrigued and in need of a plant pot, I thought I’d try turning a regular, plastic plant pot from “Trash to Terracotta.”  My project did not quite go according to plan – it turned out more “stone” than “terracotta”.  Overall though, I am really pleased with the result.  If you want to see what I did, watch the slideshow below and if you need more detailed information, please pop me an email.

before and after "trash to terracotta" project